Procera Memory Review – Facts you should know

21 Jun


Looking for a Procera Memory review? Well, you are just on the right page for that. If it has something to do with our brain, there is really a great need for us to be very careful in which supplement to take or we will forever suffer the consequences. We would not want to make sure that whatever we take in will surely help our brains and not believe right away what was being said in the product’s endorsements. We cannot put our brain at risk.


This Procera Memory review only aims that customers are well informed about the product not only because of how it is presented but also of the results and studies conducted that prove its worth and effectiveness. In this way, you would not have to wonder if this is worth your effort. You see, the Procera Memory was tested at the prestigious Brain Sciences Institute in Australia, considered one of the leading clinical trial sites in the world for testing both natural and pharmaceutical products for improving cognitive health and performance.



The Procera AVH clinical trial utilized the FDA style criteria for drug trials – a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial with a significant number of participants. The Procera AVH trial used a comprehensive battery of standardized, FDA approved neuro-psychological test “instruments” that assess a broad spectrum of mood, mind, and memory functions.




Like any other ordinary people, it is necessary that we get educated with the facts of life. So when you are planning to use or buy supplements for your brain, you can do so provided that you have gone through all the several factors you should be aware of. And these are as listed below.




  • Was the clinical study conducted on the product per se, or does the marketer of the product merely cite clinical studies on the ingredients in their product?




  • If so, does the product actually incorporate at least the minimal dosage level that a consensus of qualified clinical studies prove efficacious. NOTE, many products on the market list dozens of ingredients on their label, which suggests that few if any are at clinically validated dosage levels.




  • Did the study test a significant sample size, e.g. 75-100 subjects, and employ FDA guidelines of a randomized, double blind, and placebo controlled trial?




  • Did the study use clinically acceptable instruments for the objective measurement of a broad range of cognitive as well as mood measures?




  • Was the study protocol approved by an independent review board (e.g. Internal Review Board – IRB), and was it conducted by an internationally recognized research University or Clinical Research Organization?




  • Finally, was the study conducted in healthy, cognitively normal individuals representing a broad age group of male and females or in cognitively impaired individuals?




With the above things to consider, the Procera Memory can claim to have satisfied all of the above criteria while showing positive effects on improving memory, mental clarity and energy, mood and general intelligence. May this Procera Memory review helped you purse using the Procera Memory.





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